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Japanese Designer Eyeglass Frames

Looking for some new, stylish eyeglasses to keep your eyes looking good? Look no further than kaneko optical frame! Our handmade cornered keyhole pantograph make a great addition to your look, and only from japan!

Japanese Designer Eyeglass Frames Amazon

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Best Japanese Designer Eyeglass Frames

The keywords for this article are designer eyeglasses, prodesign, denmark, 5035, crystal so on. these frames are made of metal and are silver tortoise-faconnable. The frame has a good size for a big face. The frame is made from a good quality of glass, making it durable. The frames are 24-21-140. looking for a stylish new way to keep your eyes safe? then you need to check out to sointu studio eyeglass frame 1002 15-bsr 47-20-140. This delicious design by japanese designer e-frame 1002 15-bsr 47-20-140 is a must-have in any living room, and will add a touch of elegance to any room. this is a beautiful eyeglasses frame made of gunmetal with a tortoise faonnable design. It is made to be unique and hand made in japan. You will be payment for the order to have them made.